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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the White Mountain Double Century.  Please read the information below, and if you, friend or family member would like to volunteer please contact us.

Let us know you're interested in volunteering as soon as possible by registering on-line, and in the comment section indicate you are volunteering and please provide as much information as possible. The more info the better for it will help us when organizing the crew and making arrangements.

•  Will it just be you, or with someone else volunteering with you,    

    too?    (if there's someone else, please have them register as a

    volunteer, and mention you)   

  • Have you volunteered at other endurance events?

  • What is your availability the day before the event?

  • Do you have a preference in assignments? Working at an aid    

    station or driving SAG, or a mixture.

  • What are your time constraints?

  • What kind of car do you drive?   


  • How many bikes can your car carry?


  • Will you be staying with a participant, do you have your own        

    accommodations or will you need a room?

  1. If you are a rider volunteering you will receive a volunteer’s credit for the

  California Triple Crown, which go toward Thousand Mile Gold Club

  award, and a Ride Credit for a White Mountain Double Century entry.

  1. If a friend or family member is volunteering on your behalf, please indicated that in an email to us.  Then you'll receive volunteer's credit for the ride with the California Triple Crown, and a half ride credit into next year's event. The volunteer’s credit for the California Triple Crown, which go toward Thousand Mile Gold Club award.

  1. Please provide your cell phone number, and then be sure and bring the cell phone to the event.

  1. Plan to spend the weekend, including Rider Check-In on Friday and Saturday evening and the entire day Saturday or Sunday out on the course having fun.

  1. We will reimburse volunteers for fuel and other miscellaneous expenses incurred the day of the event. Volunteers should turn in receipts with their reimbursement request within two weeks of the event.

  1. Once we've confirmed you as a volunteer, we expect you to keep your word and be at the event. If something comes up unexpectedly, please let us know as soon as possible, thanks.

  1. Monday before the event, we'll send our Crew Assignments email with all the details. When you receive your email, please send an email back to confirm receipt and to let us know you'll be there.

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